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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Caroling On Horseback


 on Horseback

High notes of laughter
And Christmas carols
Echoed across the frozen lake
As eight girls on horseback
Left the woodland trail.
Bundled against December’s bitter cold,
We went caroling, caroling,
Through the falling snow.
High school girlfriends
Sharing the joys of the season---
Riding fat, furry horses that tossed pretty heads
And snorted great plumes of steam.
The horse’s warmth rose from shaggy coats
Up through our legs---We were glad
We’d left the saddles behind.
Sleigh bells jingle-jingled as hooves squeaked
And crunched along snow-packed roads.
Girlfriends on horseback, wrapped in woolen hats
And scarves, clutching songbooks with mittened hands.
We gathered in front of homes and farmhouses,
Lifting our voices against snow-laden hills.
Joy To The World and Let There Be Peace--
Ring out ye Silver Bells.
Deck The Halls with mirth and merry;
We sang The First Noel.
Neighbors were so delighted
By this most unusual sight---
Eight girlfriends on fat, furry horses,
Heralding Christmas, ‘cross fields of pure white.

Julie Williams     ©2007

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