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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


D & D First Lady

Oh sweet mare, with coat of black silk
That shines like night and gives back the light;
You’ve left me---gone as swiftly as you came.
Our ride across the prairie’s green,
O’er hills and meadow trails
Was all we had before you said good-bye.
Run free and wild through heaven’s stars and
Join the herds that run in verdant valleys
‘Neath Heaven’s craggy snow topped peaks.
Plunge your nostrils deep in ice-cold streams
That chuckle down the mountain slopes and
Nip the azure blooms that nod and dance
‘Neath heaven’s golden sun.
I’ve still much to learn while I am here
So I’ll wipe away my tears and let you go,
But keep one ear cocked my way.
One day I’ll cross that rainbow bridge myself
And I’d like it so, if you’d meet me there.
 Julie Williams  ©2007
Published in the Morgan Horse Magazine
photo by Dean Sulander

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